Our facilities

Less than 20 minutes away from the 80% of the Asturian population.

We built our new facility in Mercasturias, next to the Asturias Technology Park. We have provided ample space and the most advanced technologies for the ripening, preservation, and standardization of fruits and fresh vegetables, with optical sensors for oxygen reading, carbon dioxide, and ethylene, air conditioners for regulating air temperature and humidity, preventing condensation and, ultimately, the plant’s intelligent control system for refrigeration.

Selection in Origin

Our team inspects and selects top quality products on site, on origin plantations, before they reach our facilities.

Cold preservation

The cold storage chambers have a total capacity of more than 250 pallets and 575m3.


The reception area is fully refrigerated and has three shelter docks and climate control in more than 5,000 m3.


The dispatch area has 17 shelter docks with a refrigerated preload room and climate control in 2,670m3.


Cameras for banana degreening with a capacity of 10 million kg of ripe pieces per year.

Sales and picking

It is a refrigerated and climatically controlled room of almost 8,000m3.

Gauging and standardization

This is the last stage of the implementation process. The fruit is gauged, selected and standardized in a room of 857m3.


This room is properly set up for packing and pre-packing handling. Like the rest, it is refrigerated and has climate temperature control and a capacity of 1,630m3.

Quality Control

Technical tools such as the penetrometer or the mass refractometer are used, among others, to analyse the product’s different parameters and quality control.