Güertina asturiana

One of the product lines in which we have specialized at Feito y Toyosa is the so-called national products or “of our region”; the Principality of Asturias. Our region is considered the orchad paradise due to its agro-climatic features. This product line is marketed under the brand Güertina Asturiana.

From the Asturian orchards to your table

We work with a broad range of farmers in our region, do the planning according to the type of product and season and control their productions which after the harvest, are submitted to rigorous selection procedures and standards, complying with the highest levels of quality and food safety. Finally, we distribute these products safely and effectively.

We also collaborate with producers and cooperatives made up of workers with physical and mental disabilities, thus contributing to their social and labor integration.

By purchasing products from the Güertina Asturiana brand, you are not only buying top quality products and food safety, but also collaborating with an important cause.