At the forefront of technology in fruits and vegetables distribution.

The logistics area at Feito y Toyosa has over 8,000m2 for reception, storage, handling, standardization and distribution of perishable goods under temperature-controlled

environments. These modern facilities are at the forefront of the distribution sector for fresh fruits and vegetables, ensuring the highest product quality from the beginning to the end of the distribution chain.

We decelerate the product's softening process

We benefit the better preservation of the product’s life by decelerating the process of softening, extending its life and maintaining its nutritional properties undamaged and unchangeable.

We decrease the loss of water

Fruits and vegetables contain a high percentage of water. By decreasing the process of water loss, we ensure that the fruit will not wither and will offer an improved appearance.

We prevent the development of microorganisms

We are able to minimize the losses and deterioration of products preventing the development of fungi and bacteria that favour their putrefaction. We also reduce the production of ethylene, a gas that emerges from their respiratory activity, so that the customer decides on the optimum degree of ripeness for consumption.

We control relative humidity

The atmosphere surrounding the product and the air’s speed are critical parameters such as temperature to achieve optimal conditions for preservation.

You no longer need a warehouse.
We deliver your product in less than 24 hours!

With LIREPE you save time and money.

With LIREPE and LIREPE Hospitality… you save time and money! You no longer need to have your own warehouse. We store the product for you and deliver it to your point of sale in less than 24 hours.

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