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Feito y Toyosa is the perfect supplier for hotels, restaurants, catering companies, public bodies and industrial catering clients. LIREPE line has sales associates specializing in assisting the needs of the hospitality industry, and within it, we supply restaurants of all kinds of cuisine, highlighting, for example, signature cuisine restaurants, traditional Spanish cuisine, modern kitchen, Italian cuisine…

Over the phone, fax, email or skype, our customers can contact our LIREPES (sales associates) to process their orders. Once the order is received, it passes to the processing or picking stage, and is delivered to the customer’s domicile in less than 24 hours. We also offer a free service to our customer: personalized advice on the best product available in each season.


Phone: +34 985 73 28 88 email:

fax: +34 902 20 99 21 Skype: feitoytoyosa

Stages of a LIREPE order: less than 24h!


The order is entered on LIREPE via phone or e-mail and is processed by our sales team. Besides, personal advice on the best product available in each season is offered to every customer.


Customer orders go into the processing or picking stage, and once ready; they are transferred to the area of “processed orders.”


The order is delivered in our modern fleet of refrigerated and isothermal vehicles to the address specified by the customer, ensuring that the product reaches the customer in the most optimal conditions.

You no longer need a warehouse. We deliver your product in less than 24 hours!


LIREPE offers extended hours of customer service and personalized assistance by qualified professionals


Your orders by phone and by e-mail. The possibility of centralizing the purchases of all your products and all your warehouses. A single delivery, a single bill.


We apply the most modern technologies of storage and transport to avoid interrupting the cold chain and ensure the highest quality and food safety.


With LIREPE… you save time and money! You no longer need to have your own warehouse. We store the product for you and deliver it to your point of sale in less than 24 hours.