About Us

Feito y Toyosa is a distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables. This general task involves other activities such as selection, standardization, packing, degreening, trade, and logistics.

We have always marketed the freshest products. To achieve this, we have combined the professionalism and good practice of our team together with the continuous upgrading and innovation of our facilities, to offer every day to our customers the products they require with the best quality.

Facilities of over 8,000m2 in the centre of Asturias

Our new facility in Mercasturias is the result of our efforts to improve ourselves every day. With an area of ​​more than 8,000m2, we are the first wholesale distribution centre of fruit and vegetables with HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning) and climate control in Asturias.

During these years and thanks to the joint efforts of our employees, customers, and suppliers, we have managed to place our company among the leaders in the sector, achieving prestige and recognition for our endeavours.

More than 45 years of professional experience in the sector

Feito y Toyosa founders have gained an experience in the field of fruits and vegetables distribution during these years. Despite that long history in the industry and the tremendous growth experienced over the years, today, the company still retains a family-like character in terms of running the business.

Since our inception until now, we have been able to keep, evolve and expand with sustained growth, through constant reinvestment of profits in modern and innovative facilities, refrigerated vehicles, modern cold storage and banana ripening system, machinery, computers, software…

Corporate goals

SATISFY the needs of our customers and suppliers effectively, providing them with satisfactory solutions, bringing the product closer to the final consumer in the best conditions of quality, variety, and prices.

SELECT and offer products with the highest standards of quality, whether from Asturias, Spain, Europe or from anywhere in the world.

PROVIDE our company with a modern structure, with fast and efficient facilities and distribution services, to make our products reach in perfect conditions from the tree to the consumer’s table.

WORK with the most effective and qualified professionals in the industry.

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