Kiwiastur is a modern structure that produces, preserves, stores, standardizes, packs, and sells kiwis from plantations located in the heart of the Principality of Asturias. To that end, we are provided with an experienced team, modern facilities and our expertise of over 45 years trading fruits and vegetables.

This, combined with direct dealings with Asturian farmers, allows us the privilege to offer a brand of local kiwi to the market, assuring a high-quality full of flavour, texture, and aroma with the ideal Brix degree of sugar content for consumption. For all these reasons and with the aim of promoting local agriculture, Kiwiastur emerges as an Asturian kiwi grower whose products are all very welcomed by our customers due to their freshness, quality, and guarantee of origin.

The fruit’s quality and flavour, not the quantity, are both the motto and obsession of Kiwiastur; the slogan is “less is more and better.”


Kiwiastur Products

Kiwiastur Kiwi

Kiwiastur kiwi is a smooth fruit conferring superior nutritional properties compared to other fruits. These properties are present in the kiwi seeds and are naturally consumed with the pulp. Moreover, as cooking the fruit for consumption is not required, there is no nutrient loss. It contains at least eight nutrients beneficial for health.

Kiwiastur kiwi is a local fruit with a guarantee of a high-quality full of flavour, texture, and aroma, with the ideal Brix degree of sugar content for consumption.

Kiwiastur Kiwi Selection

Kiwiastur Selection is the highest standard of quality of all the Kiwiastur range of products, for the most discerning palates.

This is a one by one carefully picked kiwi, by the hands of our expert packers, seeking the highest standards of both size and shape. In gauge, this type of harvest is between 18 and 25.

This kiwi is of striking appearance, shape, and proportions. Its excellent presentation in a honeycombed mantle of 3kg is worthy of mentions.

Kiwiastur Marmalade

The production of Kiwiastur Kiwi Asturiano runs from November to June, for the rest of the year, the best way to continue enjoying our kiwi is in the form of Kiwiastur Marmalade.

Our marmalade keeps intact all its nutrients, vitamins and minerals, its laxative and antioxidant properties, and its low-calorie content, making it ideal for any occasion. It is distributed in glass jars of 275gr